Progression is the means to both destruction and reconstruction

Less and less able to maintain a portfolio site, a photography site, a tumblr account, the obligatory Facebook page, a Flickr account and this blog about life in Paris (not to mention Linkedin and Behance amongst others), I have deemed it necessary to condense as much as possible into one manageable area.

The posts were less frequent on all sites anyway, so I hope that by amalgamating the various streams – that of being an expat, that of being a photographer and artist, and that of design, it will make for a more varied and interesting experience.

The updated site, I will not say new site because it is simply my reordered graphic design blog and portfolio, will more closely reflect where I am, in respect of being a creative person living abroad.

So, for those few of you who happen to drop by and for those of you who have gone so far with your flattery as to subscribe, please continue to drop in. There will be a continuation of the blog posts about living in Paris, as well as more visually stimulating content, and the choice to restrict the blog content to just that which interests you.

Here is the link:

The site is live as I update and add new content.

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